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"I'm sure we're not the only couple who makes up our own hatsus, some of which are not fit for sharing."

There's a "hatsu" word for that, too! ;)

Happy belated new year, and may 2010 be only onwards and upwards for you both!


I am pleasd that you enjoyed your alternative Christmas. The duck looked lovely. We had duck last night for our Valentine's meal. If it was dry, it sounds like you roasted it too long and like other meats, resting for 20-30 minutes after cooking make the meat more tender and juicy (I never understand how that works when you see all the juices that end up in the pan!)
I'm excited about the other 'present'. Could it be ...


Oh! I would love a set of stamps. Could I send you something in return?


I'd love stamps too! I never commented before but I follow via reader. :) I could send you something in return as well! ^.^


あけましておめでとうございます. The whole ehomaki tradition bewilders me. Having to eat a giant maki roll just for luck is silly and funny if you think about it. Didn't know that you couldn't talk while you ate it though.


*waves from Toronto* Happy new year!

I'd love to be entered in stamp contest if you held one. That stinks about the late Christmas presents but at least they didn't go completely AWOL. I've had that happen once or twice and sometimes I still wonder where in the world are they.


You're alternative Christmas sounds lovely. And I'll keep my fingers crossed for you if the best news is what I think it might be.


When I read stomach upset and then in another post about napping well only one thing came to mind for me.........can't wait until you feel like sharing your news! When I read your post I thought I could say I would trade you Chinese Lunar New Year US stamps for your Japanese ones but it looks like many others have beat me in responding that they would like your stamps too. chrisq

Jen Cheung

hello there!
I'm a new blogger =) Nice to meet you! Loving your blog. I also have a food blog of my own! Feel free to visit when you got the time to! Happy Chinese New Year!!


What a great late Christmas dinner! Love all the hatsus... definitely one to have fun with. And I'm looking forward to your news too....


Love all that good news!
I hope this a wonderful year for both of you.


those are such pretty stamps!


Hi there,
I was not sure the best way to get in touch with you so I will just leave a comment. I really love reading your blog, so I linked to your blog from my new website. (I hope that is ok!) It's on here: www.pileofsticks.com/blog

thanks and take care!



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